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Why LinkedIn

If you're working in a professional setting, LinkedIn is unavoidable. For sales, LinkedIn is your go-to for opportunities and connections. In marketing, it is your platform for authentic engagement. LinkedIn is your talent hub in recruitment, and for employee advocacy, it's how you turn your team into influential brand champions.

Sales & Business Development

With over 800 million professionals, LinkedIn is the ultimate platform for lead identification, relationship building, and deal closure in sales. In the world of social selling, where people buy from people, businesses leveraging LinkedIn report a staggering 45% increase in opportunities. 

Marketing & Thought Leadership

Marketing shapes a company's brand, but focusing solely on the company page on LinkedIn misses a crucial point. Thought leadership, coupled with a solid personal brand, enhances credibility. This dynamic duo allows companies to connect and engage more effectively with targets and decision-makers than traditional ads ever could.

Recruitment & Job Search

LinkedIn is the ultimate talent hub for HR professionals and job seekers. Over 90% of recruiters routinely use LinkedIn to discover and assess candidates. The platform provides an unmatched space for professionals to connect, giving job seekers a direct line to opportunities. It's not just a recruitment tool; it's a window into company culture, attracting top-tier talent to organisations seeking the best fit for their teams.

Employee Advocacy

Empower your workforce to become brand advocates on LinkedIn. An engaged employee network can amplify your brand's reach by 561%! Encourage your team to share company updates, achievements, and insights, turning every employee into a powerful voice for your organisation. 

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